Holly leaf on chain
 Rose leaf with garnet
 Stylised leaf with garnet
 2 interlocking rings, one textured
 Small stag's head on silver chain
 Two interlocking textured rings, with silver chain
 Snowflake obsidian rotating within 2 rings.   
 Frosted agate with drusy spinning within a textured ring.  Also in frosted green agate.  Sterling silver chain included.   
 Multi-faceted blue topaz suspended in rings of textured silver on a sterling silver chain.   
 Textured dome pendant
 Silver rose with garnet; textured on reverse.
 Labradorite in silver setting with silvered pearl coin suspended below.  On sterling silver chain.
 Silver ammonite with patina to bring out the details, on a silver chain.
 Silver pendant with texture, holes and rings
 Silvered pearl coins with sterling silver tube and beads.  Matching earrings available too.  Toggle clasp is made from fused silver.
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